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The easiest way to understand every aspect of a project is to be there from its inception, working to design the building that meets any and all needs the owner may have. Our in-house team of CAD operators and engineers can work with a design team of Architects and Designers or directly with a project owner to produce a building plan that exceeds expectations.

When LCW designs your project, construction costs are in the forefront and are constantly monitored during design. Subcontractors and tradesmen are brought in to consult with us on the project from the very beginning. Projected costs are continuously compared to provided budgets, and if a project ever looks like it may be pushing the financial limits, our design team will provide detailed value-engineering options to spark discussion on potential changes that can make big differences to the bottom line.

In a world full of options and delays, finding the options for your project that avoid unnecessary delays can be difficult. With the LCW design team on your side, problem materials and big lead-times can be easily avoided, with alternate accessible options ready to go in their place. With proper planning and commitment, long lead items can even be ordered prior to the official start of construction, ensuring the products you want are the products you get.


LCW constantly monitors construction costs during the design phase to ensure adherence to your budget.

Conflict between the designer and the contractor is removed by providing a single entity responsible for both design and construction.


Starting construction is easy, as materials and schedules are planned beforehand directly with the building team.

Long lead-time material or equipment can be ordered during the design phase, saving time and money.
Subcontractors are involved in the process early, providing input to ensure the results you want.

Gain the LCW Advantage

Collaborate with our
Design Team

When our team of professional designers, engineers, and project managers join your design team, we work together to create the building that will exceed your expectations.

Build with our
Field Team

Our experienced field team is here for you, leading the way to the quality results you need. No detail is too big or too small, Team LCW is here to go above and beyond for you.

While Exceeding your Expectations

Whatever your needs may be, Team LCW is here to work with you. We are here to build on your schedule, within your budget, all to reach the results you deserve.