When it comes to planning a construction project, things can get complicated fast. Phasing, scheduling, and projecting milestones are crucial to ensuring your project finishes when you need it to. Managing these aspects while balancing construction costs and project value can be daunting. LCW is here to lift the weight from your shoulders. Organization is our specialty, and we are here to solve all your pre-construction planning concerns.

With over 100 years of construction experience, our staff are experts in construction planning. Phasing, milestones, and project duration are essential and easy to understand coming from our project planning team. When timelines get long and projects become clustered, we provide solutions, showing you the ways to keep the project moving forward and keep the deadline within sight.

Site conditions are a big factor constantly playing into your timeline and your costs. Unforeseen issues can be found early and properly accounted for in site evaluations with our planning team. Material availability can create critical delays the prevent progress. Identifying these types of materials in the planning stages can prevent scheduling headaches before they even arise. Our team is constantly monitoring thousands of products for availability and cost, ensuring that any potential problems are found early.


Our General Contracting services include:

Site Evaluation

Budget Development

Schedule Development

Value Engineering

Constructability Analysis

Material Review

Gain the LCW Advantage

Collaborate with our
Design Team

When our team of professional designers, engineers, and project managers join your design team, we work together to create the building that will exceed your expectations.

Build with our
Field Team

Our experienced field team is here for you, leading the way to the quality results you need. No detail is too big or too small, Team LCW is here to go above and beyond for you.

While Exceeding your Expectations

Whatever your needs may be, Team LCW is here to work with you. We are here to build on your schedule, within your budget, all to reach the results you deserve.